About Studio 93

For over 30 years the Studio 93 team has been designing and creating luxurious bespoke homes.

We believe it starts with honest acknowledgement that all great homes are built from a successful collaboration between client, designer and builder. Carefully balancing the needs, means and desires of our client partners is the hallmark of our success.

We craft spaces that create emotional experiences sympathetic to the lifestyle of our clients. Every detail considered, all finishes selected to enhance the sense of luxury, and powerful permanence. Our architectural and design understanding comes from years of experience on grand residential and hospitality spaces throughout the globe, and ensures that aesthetic of the home extends from the drive throughout the interior. Whether your interaction is over a lifetime or a fleeting moment, your home will inspire and exhilarate.

We provide an outstanding level of service throughout the project that effortlessly brings together a team consisting of the best craftsmen for every aspect of the build, be that architectural, millwork, furniture or finishes. Uncompromising control throughout project management ensures absolute precision and quality, and a home that will endure for many generations.